Trammies – Tracking Tramway Tradition (2003)

This program looks at the “Trammies” exhibition held at the Immigration Museum from Feburary to May 2003 and includes footage from the launch of the exhibition, archival footage from the Tramways Board and interviews with current and former Trammies about their life on the Trams.

We talk to Melbourne’s first female Tram Driver, Joyce Barry, pay a little visit to Calcutta’s Tramways, talk to Reg Dean about the Geelong Tramways that closed in 1956, and explore the world of the tram enthusiasts – known as “Gunzels”. Finally, we finish with a Tramway Poem from Malcolm Just.

Extended Extras from this show….

Joyce Barry – First Female Tram Driver – Full Interview

Citizen Tram (1960s MMTB film)