Series 2

Series 2, 1998

In 1998, a second series of 13 minute shows were produced. In this series, many more of NAT’s volunteers got involved & David McLauchlan edited all of the programs on his then new non-linear editing system, improving the quality. This series of programs went to air in late 1998/early 1999 on Channel 31, and repeated later in 1999. The series looked at various transport operators, tourism operators and museum groups, all of which were invited to take part.

Tramcar Restaurant (Ep.1)


Jacqueline Shields bribed her way onto the Tramcar Restaurant (well…not really, but it made a good story!)

We interviewed Craig Opie, the Manager of the Tramcar Restaurant on board the tram and one of the chefs as he prepared in the tight spaces of the on board kitchen.

Williamstown Ferry (Ep.2)


Jacqueline Shields interviewed Mark Davy about the Williamstown Ferries that operate from the City to Williamstown and also St.Kilda to Williamstown. We also take a ride on board both services and take a look around Williamstown!

Williamstown Bay & River Cruises operates the two ferry services at various times during the year.

SteamRail Victoria (Ep.3)


Jacqueline Shields takes a ride on SteamRail’s Steam Train to Bacchus March, and interviews a number of the volunteer staff and passengers along the way.

SteamRail Victoria is a volunteer group involved in the restoration of old rolling stock and also operate it on public trips throughout the state. Later in the series, we visited the SteamRail Workshops (see episode 9)

Melbourne Bus Link (Ep.4)


Tania Likovski interviewed Greg Dower about what was then Melbourne’s newest bus operation, being formed from the former government owned service Met Bus.

Melbourne Bus Link operate through Melbourne’s Western and Southern Suburbs from two depots, Footscray and Sandringham.

Bendigo Tramways (Ep.5)


Jacqueline Shields interviewed Dennis Bell, Tramways Manager, about the Vintage Talking Tram Tour. We also interviewed one of the Tram Drivers, and this was a most entertaining interview!

The Bendigo Trams operate a one hour tour of Bendigo, with passengers getting the chance to inspect the Tram Depot and Museum as part of their tour.

London Bus Company (Ep.6)

Jacqueline Shields interviewed Tim Bourchers about the London Bus Company operation.

London Bus Company for a couple of years provided Double Decker Bus Tours & Charters around Bendigo and later Ballarat as well.

The service in Ballarat later finished, and the Bendigo operation was bought by the Bendigo

However, neither tour currently operates.

Melbourne Transit Band (Ep.7)


Tammy Odontiadis interviewed Ed Bright about the Melbourne Tramways Band and their main activity, the recitals at Wattle Park on Sundays.

Later, they reverted to their old name, and are currently known as the “Melbourne Tramways Band” again.

Ballarat Vintage Tramway (Ep.8)


David McLauchlan interviewed Stephen Butler about the Ballarat Tramway Museum and it’s Sunday service in the Botanical Gardens. David also interviewed Garry Wood about his role as a Tram Restorer.

Ballarat Tramway Museum Inc pride themselves on being “Australia’s most authentic Tramway Museum”, and visitors can also inspect a wide variety of trams in their Depot.

SteamRail Workshops (Ep.9)


David McLauchlan interviewed Keith Finlay about SteamRail Victoria, in particular their workshops, where rolling stock is restored for use on public tours.

We did an episode on one of these tours – (please see episode 3).

Bylands Tramway Museum (Ep.10)


John Cannard interviewed Rod Atkins about the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria’s Museum Project at Bylands, near Kilmore.

The Museum is open on some Sundays and houses a wide variety of Trams from all over Victoria. A short ride by tram through the bushland provides great views.