Welcome to transitc31.net !

Welcome to “Transit” – Victoria’s most “moving” Community TV Program!

Welcome to the Transit webpage!

Transit was a Community TV Program on C31 Melbourne, aired between 1996 and 1998, and three associated additional “specials” aired in 1997, 2002 and 2003.

Please click on the links on the right to see the shows that made up each series and to access the videos of the shows.

The programs from the second series (1998) have been repeated in various timeslots over the years on C31 Melbourne.


In 2002 and 2003, I produced two specials, “Tram Connies” and “Trammies”, with Roberto D’Andrea.

A third series of the show was attempted between 2005 to 2007, but was scrapped midway through production for various reasons. There are no plans to revive the show or produce any more material on Transit topics.

Michael Costello, Producer

“Transit” Volunteers – 1996 to 1998

I would like to thank the volunteers who helped make Transit happen!  They were:-

  • Adam Vanlieshout – Presenter (Series 1)
  • Andrew Hall – Presenter (Series 1)
  • Lucas Mayr – Presenter and Audio (Series 1)
  • Luis Lopez – Camera (Series 1)
  • Roberto D’Andrea – Presenter and Director (Series 1, Transit Special, Tram Connies & Trammies)
  • David McLauchlan – Presenter, Director, Non Linear Editor (Series 2)
  • Elli Lucas – Director, Paper Edits, Camera (Series 2)
  • Jacqueline Shields – Presenter (Series 2)
  • Paul Smith – Camera (Series 2)
  • Sam Funnell – Audio/General Assistant (Series 2)
  • Tammy Odontiadis – Presenter (Series 2)
  • Tania Livoski – Presenter (Series 2)
  • John Cannard – Presenter (Series 2)
  • Myself (Michael Costello) – Producer, Camera, Editing (Series 1 and Specials), Paper Edits (Series 2)

Thank you to all of you!

We also wish to apologise to those who were involved in the scrapped third series.

Citizen Tram Now Online!

I have now posted a YouTube video of Citizen Tram – the 1960s era Promotional Film for the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board.