Tram Connies – The story since 1996 (2002)

Since 1996, I have shot footage of various events for Roberto D’Andrea, and since it’s formation, the “Connies Performance Troupe”. It was always intended to produce programs with the footage, but for one reason or another, we never got around to it. We had an excuse when the “Art Of Dissent” festival featured the Connies in the foyer of the Victorian Arts Centre, and wanted a short video of their work to show in the foyer. So this short 14 minute program, “Tram Connies – The Story since 1996” came into being. Showcasing the various protests and festival work the Connies group has been involved with, it starts with the links to Calcutta, progresses on to the now famous “Full Monty” protest at the Melbourne GPO, on to the current role of the Connies group, handing out swapcards at Festivals, keeping the Conducting tradition alive. For this program, both Roberto and myself sifted though countless hours of footage, trying to condense it into a 12 minute package. It was no easy task, and ran two minutes overtime as a result !

This program went to air twice, once in late 2002, the other screening in early 2003.